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custom edible images

Custom Edible Images can be made up as large as an A4 sheet.

When you place your order with us we will request that you send us a digital image in either JPEG or PNG format.

We can also source images for you, for an additional fee.

You can choose from these sizes:

  • A4 full sheet. printable area 19 cm x 25 cm: $18

  • Wafer Paper prints A4 size: $12

  • 5 cm circles, 12 on a page: $18

  • 3.75 cm circles 30 on a page $20

  • 15 cm - 17cm diameter circle: $16

  • 18 cm - 19cm cm diameter circle $18

  • 6.6 cm x 26 cm strips, 3 on a page: $20

  • Adding text to the image: $5 per image

  • Add a fondant base, from $5 (flat)

  • Add a fondant base, from $10 (standing)

  • Fondant bases for 5cm circles $8 per 12 pieces

  • Any artwork, resizing, reshaping or image search from $5


Water, glucose syrup, corn starch, microcrystal cellulose, glucose syrup powder solid, sorbit, glycerin, titanium dioxide powder, microcrystal cellulose and carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), starch syrup, locust bean gum, methyl cellulose, potassium sorbate (preservative).

Colour Variations:

Please note that for several reasons, colour variations are common in the printing of edible images.

Every computer and printer shows variances depending on it’s individual settings. In addition to this the image you see when you are looking on a black-green-red computer screen versus a cyan-magenta-yellow print on white paper can also be quite different. Try printing out your computer screen image on a white page to see what colour adjustments you might wish to make before you send us your image. 

Much depends on the quality of the image you email us. Our edible image software cannot enhance a poor resolution image. When optimization of colour and contrast are particularly important, for example for a company logo or a colour theme, some clients prefer to have their image photo shopped by an IT expert. Alternatively the services of a graphic artist can be utilized before emailing an image to us.

Within reason we can crop or adjust images to your needs, but we cannot improve on the resolution or colour saturation if the original image is not of a high quality. Please let us know what changes need to be made.

Delivery & Collections:

Pick - up is free from the Sassy Cakes Studio.

We can also ship images to any location in Australia.

Regular Flat rate $6 with Australia Post.

Express Post is $10

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