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 Price list

Sassy Cakes has 3 Flavour catergories:




All prices below are based on the Tempting range.

For the Irresistible range add $0.70 extra per serve

For the Decadent range add $1.00 extra per serve

For the full list, please visit the Flavours page.  Vegan and Gluten Friendly Available

Payments Accepted:


Direct Deposit




As each Sassy cake design is an individual venture, so are the prices. 

The more work a cake has, the more cost it entails.

Sassy Cakes prices are based on serving size and we will try to work in with every budget.

The Cakes are lightly syruped, iced, masked and covered with frosting or fondant to ensure that they stay fresh, moist and delicious.

For an accurate quote please contact Sassy Cakes directly. All serve sizes are Finger.

The smallest wedding cake will serve 25 coffee.


As a general guide the prices below are a starting point for cakes with a whipped ganache finish and simple design:


1 Tier         from   $250

2 Tier         from   $300

3 Tier         from   $420

4 Tier         from   $550

5 Tier         from   $700



The cakes available are quite varied from a simple layered fruit and cream cake to a more elaborate torte with gels, specialty creams and chocolate decorations.

As with any cake type the price will be determined by flavours and ingredients used.

As a general guide the prices below are a starting point, for a 3 layered Continental Sponge cake with mousse buttercream filling, covered in buttercream & topped with one of the options below.


For Options go to the No Fuss Cake Ordering Page




With swirled frosting, and sprinkles/glitter.



One flavour box of 25  from $65

Gluten Free one flavour box of 25 from $70

Vegan one flavour box of 25 from $70



One flavour box of 12 from $65

Gluten Free one flavour box of 12 from $70

Vegan one flavour box of 12 $70

Also available:

Dairy Free, Egg Free POA

All other designs and flavours will be quoted on application.

The novelty cakes are varied and individual and are usually fondant covered. The smallest available is for 20 Dessert serves. They come in many shapes and sizes.

Prices begin from $170 and $250 for carved cakes.

macaron & continental biscuits



Any flavour combination from $3 each.

Hand painting, dusting & imaging, POA


Minimum order 15 pieces.

Each item needs to be quoted individually as they depend on size, shape and design.

Please contact me with your requests.


As a general guide the prices below are a starting point and include up to 2 lines of text.


Mini biscuits from $2.90 each minimum qty 24

Regular size from $4.00 each minimum qty 24


Vegan Available





We can make many different flavour combinations, sweet or savoury.

They come in 3 sizes:


Appetizer.......4cm........from $3.25 each

minimum 25 pieces

Entree.......12cm..........from $6.50 each minimum 6

Partage...22.5cm..........from $30

Vegan Available





There are many variations on this theme so the possibilities are endless.

They are all presented in a clear Acrylic 100ml cup. 

From $6.00 each (depending on decorations)


Raspberry Cheesecake

Chocolate Mousse

Lemon Curd Pie

Cappuccino mousse

Passion Fruit/Coconut

Rizogalo(Greek rice pudding)

Apple Crunch

White choc mousse, coloured


For the full contents of each please visit the FLAVOURS page.

Other flavours are available at your request


Minimum order 12





Cake donuts with hole and coloured chocolate ganache glaze Baked (8cm) Many Flavours from $85 per Minimum 25 pieces

Vegan Available $95

Mini Cake donuts with hole and coloured chocolate ganache glaze Fried (5cm) Vanilla only from $65 per Minimum 25 pieces


Towers available:

$40 small Fits 25 mini donuts/macarons


$60 medium Fits 50 mini donuts/macarons or 25 regular donuts


$80 large fits 75 mini donuts/macarons or 50 regular donuts

Custom sizes available

figurines & Printed images

Figurines start from $35, all depending on the size.

Freestanding numbers from $5

Printed Images on an icing disc from:


Printed Images Prices

Cake boards

Any custom boards are priced on application per size and design.

The boards listed below are for the round or square with silver foil:










party tables



All Party tables quoted on application.

If you are interested in a quote please contact us.

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