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When should I book my cake?


4 weeks is best to get the date you require. For Weddings 6-8 months, but less notice is required in the winter months.




What is the order process?


For events other than weddings we often work by phone and email to finalize a design and quote, and of course we are more than happy to work by email if you are planning your wedding from interstate or overseas.

For Weddings we do recommend that you make an initial inquiry by email, and you can download the Questionnaire and email that back to us, so we can give you a rough price guide. Then we can book you in for a full consultation and provide a more accurate quote.

To confirm your order, a 30% deposit is payable, with the balance being due one week before the event.




How many Flavours can I choose?


You may choose one flavour per tier or box of cupcakes/biscuits/dessert cups etc.




Can I taste?


We can offer tastings for pre-booked wedding consultations, where you get to taste 4 different flavours and enjoy a professional design session for $60. This is per couple, additional guests at $15 each.

Alternatively you may buy a box of cake slices. Minimum 4 flavours with matching frostings for $40. Each additional flavour is $9.00 With a Maximum of 8. Each slice will give you 4 coffee sized servings.




Can I choose a smaller cake and kitchen slabs?


For most moderate sized weddings, it’s just as easy for us to put all your servings into the main cake. Foam is useful if you love the idea of a really large cake, but only have a small guest list.

As most of the cost is in the decorating, a five tier cake with only three tiers of real cake would still cost close to a five tier cake price than a three tier price.

If you are thinking of choosing a small cake plus kitchen cake, keep in mind the scale of the wedding and the visual impact you would like to create.

This option usually reduces costs significantly only for larger events, keeping in mind that a small cake may look out of place at a big wedding.




I have a photo of a cake i would like, can you copy it?



You are welcome to bring in photos of cakes from other designers as part of your ideas and inspiration, however we do not do copies of others’ work. We also ask for others to respect the copyright ownership of our original cake designs.




What should l bring to my appointment?


Any materials you have from your wedding can help in achieving the perfect cake design. Invitations, fabric/colour swatches, inspiration boards and images or lists of your floral decorations will all assist in visualizing the look of your day and design a cake to match.




Can I come into the shop and buy cakes now?


Sassy Cakes is currently a 'by order only' business.





Do you deliver?


Yes, we deliver . Prices vary according to day of the week and distance.




Where are you located?


Sassy Cakes is located in Cheltenham.




Is a deposit required?


Yes, a 30% non refundable deposit is required on all orders.




Do you have Gluten or Allergen free?


We are not a Certified Gluten Free kitchen, but we can make cakes for people with sensitivities.

Please be advised that there may be traces of nuts, soy or wheat products in all of our products.



We take cake to make sure that the design of your cake is to your specifications. Communication is very important to ensure that all goes smoothly. If you are unsure about anything, please contact us.

As cakes are perishable items, and according to Health and Safety regulations, we do not accept any returns of items nor do we refund.


Be sure to clarify all design requests and finalized cake orders. We will endeavor to make all your cake desires come true and will always request your approval prior to commencing any designs.


If you decide you want other people decorating your cake, you will be obliged to sign a waiver that will say you received the cake in perfect condition prior to decoration.

We will not take any responsibility for the results of a cake after it has been altered by third parties, this includes family/friends, stylists or Florists or other cake makers.

All our custom made cakes are covered by our guarantees and, when displayed at any function (big, small, public or private), will reflect our reputation and the high quality of services and finishes that we provide.

For this reason, whenever required, we use/work with specifically pre-selected stylists and florists who we know will meet our high standard of service and quality.




If you decide to cancel your order your deposit will not be refunded. If you cancel your order within 7 days of the delivery or collection date the balance outstanding will be due and payable.


Any changes made to your order within 14 days of collection or delivery will incur a surcharge, depending on the change requested. In most instances I can accommodate changes, however at times is just not possible.



We do not recommend fondant covered cakes for the hotter months, but sometimes we have a brief to deliver. As the hotter weather can cause a great deal of damage to your fondant covered cakes, we suggest transporting them in a cooled vehicle and then storing them in an air conditioned environment. For weddings we take measures to keep your cake in a controlled environment. The responsibility of keeping the cake in optimal conditions then passes to the venue.




It is important to remember that your cake is a delicate and perishable product. To ensure its quality is not compromised during transportation, we recommend that you keep your cake box flat at all times and avoid placing it in direct sunlight. The floor or boot of your car is the best place, never on the back seat and ensure your boxes are secure and will not slide around.

Please also follow our storage recommendations.

Once your cake is in your care it is important to follow these instructions, as Sassy Cakes will not take responsibility for any damage incurred during transportation.

If we believe that your cake should be delivered, because it either needs to be assembled at your venue or the instability of design (we always carry a repair kit) we will recommend it.



Items ordered for public holiday collection, this includes up to 2 days after will have an added surcharge of 15%.

There is no surcharge for items collected the day prior to a public holiday.


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